BINUS International Office

Stefan Mahatani, English Department Integrated English & Culture Understanding, University of Auckland, New Zealand (Jul – Aug 2013)

Before I joined the short course program, my motivation was simple, namely, testing my independence (first time oversea) and spending semester break abroad. During my four weeks in Auckland, I was mesmerized by cultural enrichment I gained. I learned to understand the different point of view of people from diverse background. Although the majority of the students come from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, I still got the exchanged culture of each continent. Also I have forced myself to understand my classmates’ English accent and to speak to them with confidence. It is necessary for me to share what is in my mind. I learned that it is okay to make mistakes because you will learn from the mistakes you made. I also learned that if you got the guts to speak, you are going to survive. If you really want to test your independence and improve your English skills especially colloquial speaking, listening and cultural enrichment, this is the right program for you.