BINUS International Office

Ivana Monica, Business Management Exchange at SolBridge International School of Business, South Korea (Spring 2014)

I never thought that I would spend my 4th semester in South Korea! On top of that, I got a scholarship from the Korean Government, which totally made me jump for joy! You may often hear this clich about how studying abroad is a life-changing experience but believe me, it really is. It was my first time living far from my family and I learned so much during my stay. I interacted with many friends and professors from different countries. I learned new languages and cultures as well as introducing Indonesian culture. My friends and I often went to lunch or dinner together, hanged out, and traveled around Korea. There was a “must do” activity in Korea: Karaoke-ing at night! You might think that people treat exchange semesters as holidays, thus not much effort is put into studying. However it wasn?t the case. I was amazed by my classmates’ passion and enthusiasm to study and it motivated me to study hard as well. Most of my classes were fun even though all were very demanding. I learned how to share my ideas and opinions in class, to debate, and to finish many international business case projects. Joining exchange program has developed my abilities to study in a multi-cultural environment and expanded my knowledge of the global economy, international business and culture. It gave me confidence to adapt in a new country with its language and culture. If I could sum up the whole experience, I would say that stepping out of your comfort zone is like riding a rollercoaster. You may feel anxious at first but once you are out there, you will feel excited and can’t wait to repeat the experience! So guys, are you ready to take on the thrilling ride of exchange experience?