BINUS International Office

Ilma Arifiany, Computer Science Short Course to Chonbuk National University, South Korea (2014)

I had always dreamed about studying abroad, ever since I was a little girl and even now, I am still dreaming about it. I finally got a chance to experience studying abroad even though it was only for three weeks. I found out about the short course program in Jeonju through a banner in BINUS Maya. I was captivated right away because it said that the tuition was free!
I was never afraid to go abroad by myself and do something new. My only obstacle was money but thankfully it was solved. That made it much easier for me to decide to go. I am so glad to have found the banner in the first place so I could have an amazing experience abroad.
The time I spent in Korea was short but sweet. It was my first experience abroad so it was very memorable. I made some new friends from other countries and had a chance to practice my English speaking skills with them. I met people from the Philippines, USA, UK, China and so on. When I was there, I struggled with speaking to people in Jeonju since the language barrier was huge; a lot of them didn’t understand English while I was only beginning to learn Korean. But it was fun and challenging trying to survive in that situation. In terms of English proficiency, Seoul was better since there were a lot of foreigners. I tried a lot of food and visited some places, saw things that I didn?t think I would be able to see. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience and I wish that someday I will be able to go to Korea again or even another country!