BINUS International Office

Foundation for International Human Rights Reporting Standards

The Foundation for International Human Rights Reporting Standards (FIHRRST) was founded (headquartered both in Brussels (Belgium) and Jakarta (Indonesia), by a group of internationally-recognized human rights luminaries, holding also key positions within the United Nations system, With the purpose of advancing the concept of human rights governance standards.

FIHRRST’s vision is a world in which the actions of all stakeholders are based on the shared ideals of human rights governance. Therefore, the Foundation engages in activities in the areas of research, development of standards, and promotion and dissemination of human rights principles. Seeing Indonesia as the perfect laboratory for the implementation of its projects, the Foundation has been working with a variety of supportive stakeholders, such as central and local governments, business people, civil society, communities, human rights defenders, and universities.

FIHRRST has also served as partnering Foundation to various Indonesian governmental institutions for the advancement of business and human rights principles in Indonesia and for the development of related standards. The team is composed by highly skilled and dedicated professionals from Indonesia and, among others, the United States, Belgium and Italy.