BINUS International Office

Febryanto, Management Exchange at Kangwon National University, South Korea (Spring 2016)

I would like to thank God and BINUS for the amazing student exchange experience in South Korea. I had always wanted to visit South Korea since senior high school and to be awarded with the scholarship by Kangwon National University was like a dream come true.
I collected many unforgettable memories from my exchange. The best part of the experience is having hundreds of international friends, not only from South Korea, but also other countries like Russia, Argentina, China, Peru, Mongolia, South Africa, etc.
During this program I learned to be independent, manage my money, communicate with foreigners, and so on.
Well, this exchange is one of the best decisions in my life. It really makes me want to go abroad again, either for another exchange or to pursue my master degree. You should try this program and experience it yourself!