BINUS International Office

Emmanuel Vernando, Information System Audit Exchange at Dongguk University, South Korea (Spring 2014)

Living in South Korea, traveling to local famous places, learning the language and culture were my dreams since I was a freshman. Luckily, through the student exchange program offered by International Office BINUS and Dongguk University (supported by GKS’ Global Korean Scholarship), my dreams came true!!
Studying abroad was the best experience I have ever had. I never imagined leaving the comfort zone was going to be fun! I met so many inspiring people and made lot of friends from all over the world during my stay in Korea. It also helped me discover more about myself. Now I have a clearer picture of who I am, what I want to be and also what I am capable of as an individual. Everything was just perfect!
For you who are considering student exchange or study abroad, just do it! Something big that may change your life for the better is waiting for you. I’m pretty sure it will be the most life-changing experience you will ever have.