BINUS International Office

Elbert Lukman, Computer Science and Statistics Exchange at INHA University, South Korea (Fall 2014 and Spring 2015)

I always think that as a student, besides having good GPA and organizational skills, I must have an international experience. Luckily one of my best friends invited me to join student exchange program. I am grateful to my best friend and BINUS University for the amazing experience. The biggest obstacle was making the decision to join the program. I doubt If I could do it. However, after I convinced myself ?Yes, I can do it?, I realize that it was a big leap in my life. I chose INHA University in Korea because the courses matched with my BINUS courses. When I was there, surely I got a culture shock and faced language barrier. On some occasions, I had to use body language when speaking to non English speaking Korean. That was actually quite fun. Besides that, I also made friends with many international students. My friend and I went to places, enjoyed the nature and attended festivals. I spoke English on a regular basis which was a new experience. If you have doubts about studying abroad, then “Don’t”. You will experience something different in your life. It might be challenging to begin with but surely it is full of excitement. I am waiting for your “Yes, I can do it!”