BINUS International Office

Brian Lee, Information System Exchange at INHA University, South Korea (Fall 2014)

Studying abroad has always been my biggest dream. The student exchange program at INHA University, supported by Global Korean Scholarship from the Korean government, realized my dream. I never thought that I could live in South Korea, explore the culture, learn the language and made many friends. I can’t thank BINUS International Office enough for the opportunity.
When I first heard about the Student Exchange Program, I had doubts because I was in my 6th semester, meaning I couldn’t work on my thesis on the 7th semester. Yet I realized that I should not remain in my comfort zone. Instead, I must challenge myself and get out of it. I decided to join the program and it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made.
Through this program, not only did I learn so many new things in class, but also outside of class. I practiced my English to be more fluent, got involved with international communities, explored the incredibly tasty food and visited local famous attractions. I even had the chance to meet my idol. How cool is that! It was the best journey I ever had.
If you ever doubt or feel anxious about studying abroad, don’t. Step outside of your comfort zone like I did, and things will work out. So, don’t worry and start your own journey!