BINUS International Office

Brian Bernadi, Management AIMS Exchange at Mahidol University International College, Thailand (Sept – Dec 2013)

2015 will be the emergence of AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area). This fact encouraged me to join student exchange program. I chose Thailand, an ASEAN member, as my exchange destination. It was a great experience. One of the most memorable experience would be my speech at ‘Hari Indonesia’. I delivered a speech about my experience in Thailand in front of MUIC incumbents, MUIC students, and Mr. Lutfi Rauf (Indonesian Ambassador to Thailand). Moreover, I joined social activities and became an assistant to an Indonesian teacher. I was also involved in a Christian community and enjoyed a Christmas banquet. The exchange program helps me see the world from holistic perspective. We are not alone in this world; we are part of a big society. I challenge you to join the exchange program and gain an unforgettable international experience. Prepare yourself to enter an amazing life!