BINUS International Office


Metta Ratana, Marketing Communication
Short Course at Duksung Women’s University, South Korea

(Summer 2016)

Studying abroad seemed impossible until the email from BINUS IO landed on my inbox. First of all I want to say thank you very much to Duksung Women’s University and BINUS UNIVERSITY for giving me the opportunity to join “Discover Korea at Duksung” summer course. Actually, it was my first time to go overseas and study abroad. I was so nervous at that time. But in fact, going overseas is not as scary as you might think! It’s very exciting! 한국에 있어서 행복해요 :) (Happy in Korea).


Even though the program was quite short, it was the sweetest two weeks. In this program, we learned so many things about Korea, especially language and culture. We had nine sessions of Korean Language Class, along with City Tour, Mountain Tracking, Korean Pop Culture class, Making Bibimpap (Korean Food), Korean Movie Night, Experience Taekwondo, and Boryeong Mud Festival. I got to experience living around the people who talked in various foreign languages and learned to adapt in a different environment.

Besides many cultural activities from the program, we also had a lot of free time! We could go anywhere we wanted with our international friends and buddies. We visited so many places, such as Myeongdong, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Insadong, Bongeunsa, Hangang Lotteworld, Jjimjilbang Place (Korean Sauna), Norebang (Karaoke), Itaewon, Hongdae, and Namsan Tower. Each place we visited and each activity we had comes with their own priceless stories!


I can’t write every experience, funny moments, and good memories I had in Korea. It was an amazing experience, thanks to all of the buddies and international friends! I am sure they had made my Korean experience special and different from those who travel to Korea for holiday. We cherish our friendships and hope our sweet memories would last forever! :D 감사합니다! (Thank you!)


At last, I just want to say:
Nobody owns the world. So feel free to explore it!
Never miss the chance to study aboard

  Nadiene Amalia, Visual Communication Design
Exchange at Queensland University of Technology, Australia

(Spring 2016)

I was really motivated to go on an exchange. I had always wanted to study abroad, experience living in a foreign country, and immerse in the new lifestyle and culture. I was lucky to be accepted for this program. My exchange experience was remarkable!


QUT was a really great campus, with supportive lecturers and amazing facilities to support our learning process. Australian people are really nice and disciplined. I also had the opportunity to have a part time job at an Asian restaurant. I learned so many things about getting used to the new environment (both academic and social life), money management, and to earn money on my own.


I really encourage BINUS students to join this once in a lifetime opportunity, because you will come home with great stories. Through student exchange, you will see how limitless the things you can learn out there.

Febryanto, Management
Exchange at Kangwon National University, South Korea (Spring 2016)

I would like to thank God and BINUS for the amazing student exchange experience in South Korea. I had always wanted to visit South Korea since senior high school and to be awarded with the scholarship by Kangwon National University was like a dream come true.

I collected many unforgettable memories from my exchange. The best part of the experience is having hundreds of international friends, not only from South Korea, but also other countries like Russia, Argentina, China, Peru, Mongolia, South Africa, etc.
During this program I learned to be independent, manage my money, communicate with foreigners, and so on.

Well, this exchange is one of the best decisions in my life. It really makes me want to go abroad again, either for another exchange or to pursue my master degree. You should try this program and experience it yourself!

Warren Yohansen, Accounting and Information Systems (Dual-Degree)

Exchange at Kyunghee University, South Korea

(Fall 2016)

There are so many people to be thanked for. I am so grateful to Binus University, Binus I.O and the host university who had stood by me throughout this program for giving me the opportunity.


After the opportunity to do short courses, I challenged myself further to apply Student Exchange Program, I had doubts that I could adapt with my surroundings, but I realized that I could not remain in comfort zone anymore and it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made.


Through this program, I was prepared to be responsible for whatever I do by living far away from our parents, as well as to learn tolerance (strengths and weaknesses) among foreign friends I met there. Not only that, I also learned many things in classes as well as outside of classes, involved with international communities (either arranged by university itself or out of university), explored local and international foods (they even had arranged International Food Bazaar held by Korean Government), visited local famous attractions and had the chance to watch Korean Concert for free. How lucky and cool are that! I gain valuable lessons and it was the best and irreplaceable journey I ever had.

Michael Gerardo, International Business and Management

Exchange at University of Malaya, Malaysia

(Fall 2016)

I would like to thank God and BINUS UNIVERSITY to allow me joined this program. I always want to learn something new, especially when I had the opportunity to live and learn in another country. I went to Universiti of Malaya, Malaysia and learned many things such as cultures, responsibility, and the ability to adapt in new environments.


The best part of my student exchange experience is to have a lot of friends from other countries. I had many unforgettable memories with them, we traveled and learned together. I went to many places in Malaysia but the top three are Penang, Langkawi, and Cameron.


This student exchange program is one of the best experiences and decisions in my life. This program also helps me to see new perspective in my life. It was hard to say goodbye, and I will miss my student exchange program and my friends. So I would like to encourage you to try a new experience in your life!