BINUS International Office

Anindita, Clarissa, Nurul Yunita, Bathia Pratiwi, International Relations Exchange at Cheng Shiu University, Taiwan (Fall 2014)

Joining the student exchange program to Taiwan was our first experience to learn a different language and culture in a foreign country for five months. It was the BEST life lesson we would never trade with anything. Our strong interest and motivation to go to Taiwan came from the support from our parents. Thanks to them, we got to bring back awesome experience that taught us so much. The adaptation phase was tough but we managed to fit in and get out of our comfort zone. Looking back, those five months were exciting and amazing. We visited so many places. One of the unforgettable moments was performing Indonesian dances with our Thai and Filipino friends for the celebration of The Anniversary of Cheng Shiu University (CSU).
Through the program, we learned to be responsible for whatever we do, since we lived away from our parents. We also learned to accept differences (strengths and weaknesses) between foreign friends we met in CSU, in order to cope with the culture shock. These were valuable lessons and irreplaceable with anything we could find in Indonesia.
The exchange program is a program that you’ll never regret to experience. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Through the problems you might come across abroad, you will find yourself more mature in the process. We highly support the student exchange program and highly encourage you all to join.