BINUS International Office

Andre Arlis Chouwanto, International Business Management AIMS Exchange at University of Malaya, Malaysia (Fall 2014)

I submitted my student exchange application feeling unsure if I could survive in a foreign country, far away from my home and family. However, I took a leap of faith that I would make it there. I was really happy that the application was approved and I got the AIMS scholarship!
When I was in Malaysia, it was quite scary at first because I didn’t know anyone. Yet I have one life principle: “If you smile to the world, the world will smile back to you.” I applied it and guess what? I made a lot of local and international friends, and they were really kind to me. Now I have friends around the world! I also learned how to deal with cultural differences and adapt to a new environment. Exploring the beauty of a country, its heritage and tasting its delicacies are the must-do’s when you visit a foreign country. I really learned a lot and matured from my exchange experience. It is the best moment of my university life!