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Tania Patricia Joviani: Exchange at ESC Rennes School of Business, France

Tania Patricia Joviani, International Business
Exchange at ESC Rennes School of Business, France (Spring 2013)

France, known for its fashion and design, offers amazing experience from its cuisines, pastries, and natural scenery. For me, France is a great country to be explored since it has many small cities with beautiful places to see. Besides, it is easy to go from one place to another. You can just take the train or bus to travel between cities.

tania patricia exchange binus

Before I went to France, I was a little bit hesitant to go there alone because I heard that French people were arrogant and didn’t want to speak English at all. But when I arrived at Rennes, I was surprised that the locals were so helpful. Sure, they don’t speak English fluently, but they are willing to help and appreciate your effort to speak French even for a little bit. So, I think it is better to learn a little bit of French before going to France.

tania patricia exchange binus

I really enjoy my study experience at ESC Rennes. First, there were so many international students; so I was able to experience the cultural differences, polish my communication skill to work and live with people from other countries, and see things from a global perspective. Second, the lecturers were willing to help and guide me through my study. They were quick to respond my emails. So, if we have something that we don’t understand, we can just come to their office for help. Third, there were so many events arranged by the student committee so I could make new friends and expand my networking. For me, it was a challenging, exciting and of course life-changing experience at ESC Rennes.

tania patricia exchange binus

I think that by studying abroad, we can learn and experience more things than what we can get from the book. It is a great opportunity to not just gain more knowledge from the study, but also learn how to be independent, get to know yourself better, and what are you capable to do. Moreover, you have an opportunity to explore other parts of the world which might be useful in your future.