BINUS International Office

Joris Julien Benoit Peressinotti, Business Management (BBS) Burgundy School of Business, France (Fall 2014)

It was really interesting to have a different way of learning in another country. I really loved working with the students in the graduate classes. They were really interesting. Thanks to my kind classmates, I got to know a lot of people.
BINUS SQUARE is a good place for exchange students to meet other students from other majors and countries. It was easy to make friends living in BINUS SQUARE despite coming to Indonesia alone.
We don’t get to know much about Indonesia in Europe. It was such a pleasant surprise to discover so many interesting things totally different from my country when I arrived here: the culture, food, religions, places, history and so on.
I don’t have one best experience as I enjoyed everything I did here. I will miss my friends, the food and all the places I visited.