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Dancer Documentary by BINUSIAN

As a higher-education institution that nurtures the creative mindset of its students, BINUS UNIVERSITY students Ms Raihana Safira Wardani and Ms Raihani Safira Wardani recently made a documentary titled ‘Life as a Dancer in Indonesia’ which focuses on the career of iconic Indonesian dancer Mr Sandri Hardiansyah and the country’s diverse dance culture. (link to video click here)

The documentary was an assignment from the Economics and Communication study programme and highlights the resilience of Mr Hardiansyah’s to follow his passion of dancing and develop a successful career. As such, Ms Raihana and Ms Raihani are also active members of the BINUS INTERNATIONAL Dance Club (BIDC); the BIDC provides students with the opportunity to learn a variety of dance styles, from the traditional Saman dance of Aceh to more modern practises such as break dancing. Furthermore, from 13th-14th September 2016, the BIDC held its first public event — Eureka: Speak for the Silence — to raise awareness on the issue of bullying. Going forward the club plans to develop more public recitals that highlight different social issues effecting Indonesia today.

BINUS UNIVERSITY’s continues to foster the talents of its students through the support of comprehensive curricula and adept lecturers. Through this, the university is able to cater to a wide subset of interests in the Faculty of Economics and Communication study programme.