BINUS International Office

Burgeoning Mobile Technologies Demand and Supply Gap

Transportation sector in Indonesia exemplifies the potential of mobile applications for market penetration. Go-Jek application launched in 2015 was downloaded more than 17 million times within a year. Mobile application allows easy ordering and quick arrival of motorcycle driver to location appealing to technologically savvy young urban Indonesians and the growing middle class with a taste for gadgets.

With this trend, mobile application experts are on demand, and Indonesian universities are increasingly offering relevant degrees. BINUS UNIVERSITY, always looking to align industry demand with its course offerings, runs a program in mobile application and technology. The major is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills in mobile computing, communications and entrepreneurship. Students also gain the necessary understanding of current technologies and architectures gaining practical experience in building software systems.

Yet, supply remains low as families influence student choice towards more traditional computer science programs transferring programming knowledge without specific mobile application technology skills. For this reason BINUS UNIVERSITY partners with the industry to hold informational sessions with high school students and their parents about the industry demand for mobile technology experts to help shift parental perspectives.