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On 13th December 2016, BINUS UNIVERSITY initiated a field project that involved classes of different study programmes. The project themed ‘Understanding Jakarta’ aimed for students to develop an understanding of the socio-economic complexities of urban life in Jakarta. In achieving this goal, students were asked to conduct interviews with local communities, write a report, and raise awareness through a social media campaign. Furthermore, students were also told to provide solutions to inequality as well as compare their case studies to other international cities.

The project involved students from the International Business Programme, Communications study programme — both from BINUS INTERNATIONAL — and the Business Communication study programme. Working together in groups, students visited Pasar Baru and Glodok — two of the oldest traditional trading centres still active in Jakarta — where they conducted interviews to understand local livelihoods from the perspective of the different majors focusing on issues such as income inequality and trade in addition to utilising the skills and knowledge they obtained from their studies. Moreover, the project gave the opportunity for international students to experience Jakarta as a hotbed of diverse cultures and actively interact with the local population.

BINUS UNIVERSITY’s recent class field project showcases the university’s efforts in educating its students on important socio-economic issues. It is hoped that through the Mixed Class Field Projects students can gain field experiences alongside students from other study programmes in addition to developing solutions to social inequality in Indonesia.