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BINUS UNIVERSITY Holds International Experience Series

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On 1st December 2016, BINUS UNIVERSITY hosted its International Experience Series which is part of the university’s annual BINUS Festival event — the festival is held twice a year across all BINUS UNIVERSITY campuses and engages students through seminars and workshops on international cultures as well as current global issues. As such, the recent event involved a seminar that focused on the topic of ‘The Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in ASEAN Countries’.

The seminar included presentations from leading industry leaders, academics, in addition to NGOs from the United Nations who provided their in-depth insights on the initiatives to encourage economic development, human rights efforts, infrastructure development and to push for innovation in Indonesia and across the ASEAN. Furthermore, students also had the opportunity to share their ideas and questions as a means to gain expertise and experience on a variety of subjects.

BINUS UNIVERSITY’s International Experience Seminar demonstrates the university’s efforts in equipping its students with the necessary know-how to innovate and contribute to the advancement of Indonesian businesses. As the country becomes increasingly industrialised, BINUS UNIVERSITY graduates can fulfil the pressing need for adept industry leaders that can implement sustainable long-term development initiatives.

Source : Global Business Guide