BINUS International Office

Enhancing In-Shop Experience with Jatis Solutions

Colourful_shopping_cartsBINUS UNIVERSITY through its esteemed School of Computer Science has initiated a partnership with Jatis Solutions (a member of Indivara Group) in carrying out its most recent initiative to develop value added products for the Indonesian market. By drawing upon the expertise of its partner as a leading information technology and software consulting firm for business innovations, BINUS UNIVERSITY’s School of Computer Science intends to deliver a new application-based product that caters to the needs of malls across the country in actively enhancing the in-shop experience. This application is specifically focused on tapping into Ibeacon Bluetooth technology typically implemented within smartphone devices for wireless payment and small-range location finders, with the ultimate goal of providing stores with a new tool to collect useful information about their customers and facilitate the creation of more personalised marketing campaigns.

In seeking to emulate the success of a similar technology solution utilised by Apple stores across the world, this collaborative project is to be led by Mr Rhio Sutoyo as Head of the Computing Laboratory at BINUS UNIVERSITY and Mr Fabian Kidarsa as Head of the Architecture & Framework Department at Jatis Solutions. Under the guidance of these individuals, the application is to be developed in a manner that allows users to register and fill in a brief profile section. Participating stores would then be provided with access to this user information, as well as data pertaining to their behaviour on the shop floor, product preferences and purchase history. Taken together, this information will enable businesses to craft targeted marketing initiatives, offer more personalised shopping experiences and reward loyal customers. Application users stand to benefit from unique discount offers specifically suited to their shopping tendencies, a marked improvement over generic printed coupons or other mass distributed promotions. Moreover, customers will be able to use the application to make payments wirelessly, thereby offering greater convenience.

Through this latest project with Jatis Solutions, BINUS UNIVERSITY has affirmed its standing as the foremost provider of IT-based education in Indonesia and strengthened its standing as an institution committed to spurring the modernisation of business in Indonesia.