BINUS International Office

More Agreements for Strengthened Collaboration

We are proud to announce new collaboration, and renewed and expanded relationships with our valued partners in higher education since June to October 2o16. We have recently signed memorandum of understanding with the University of Westminister and memorandum of agreement with Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management for student exchange.  We have renewed student exchange agreement with Inha University. We have signed students and faculty exchange agreement with Universiti Malaysia Pahang, student exchange agreement with UA&P, student exchange and internship agreement with UCSI, and faculty exchange agreement with LASALLE College. We are expanding our relationship with Universiti Malaysia Sarawak to include not only student but also faculty exchange and with the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus we signed the study abroad agreement for our Global Class program as another component of partnership next to the existing double degrees.

We also started collaboration with the CBN group, pioneering internet service provider in Indonesia. Through knowledge sharing on projects such as internships and lectures, the company and BINUS will cooperate to bring higher education and industry closer together. Thanks to cooperation initiated with Piranusa, leading information technology specialist, our architecture program students will enjoy a seminar and competition this coming October where they will learn how to employ software solutions to support their interior design projects.