BINUS International Office

“Sharing is Caring” at Orphanage Rumah Yatim

On Wednesday, June 15, 2016, around 28 students of Event Management class from Communication Program of BINUS INTERNATIONAL along with their international friends from Brunei, Malaysia, Holland and France teamed up in the month of Ramadhan to organize a breakfasting event with theme “Sharing is Caring” at orphanage Rumah Yatim in Kemang, South Jakarta. The program started with numerous heartwarming activities, such as T-shirt painting, Chinese Whispers as well as Word games to which the kids were falling over each other to show what they knew before it was concluded with the breakfasting.

Christine Gneuss, Head of Communication Program with extensive international experience, works with international and local organizations to imbed social impact programs in university curricula. She was involved in the social program and expressed her pride with her students who were capable to manage such extraordinary event single-handedly which turned out into something special and truly memorable for their new little friends.