BINUS International Office

Partner Visits Inspiring Collaboration – Learning Cultures, Enhancing Research, Powering Economies

Recently, BINUS held delegations from Japan, Australia and Seychelles to discuss cooperation opportunities in teaching, research and student exchange. With the delegation from Japan we discussed cultural links and shared strategic interests to be addressed in higher education. Next to student exchange we explored immersion programs and joint research opportunities with the Queensland delegation. The Ambassador of Seychelles, His Excellency Mr. Nico Barito, shared his idea to develop impactful entrepreneurial training in the field of information and communication technologies to power Seychelles and Indonesian economies.

More specifically, in April 2016 we hosted Mr. Yoshinobu Nisaka, the Governor of Wakayama Prefecture in Japan, as part of the Wakayama Prefectural Government’s diplomatic visit to Indonesia. With Indonesia, like Japan, being a disaster prone country, the group held a guest lecture on disaster management.The delegation of government officials and industry representatives further discussed the relevance of the Japanese Department contributing tosound international relations and knowledge exchange between the two countries. With the BINUS ASO School of Engineering joint venture successfully launched late last year with ASO as a prominent Japanese education group, BINUS extends welcome to potential partners from Japan.

In May 2016 we discussed collaboration enhancement ideas with the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, His Excellency Mr. Paul Grigson and the Deputy Premier of Queensland Ms. Jackie Trad bringing the delegation of representatives from Queensland higher education institutions. Illustrative example of existing cooperation between BINUS and Australian universities is partnership with the Queensland University of Technology, our strategic partner. Our universities exchange students through study abroad and short course programs. We also exchange professors and guest lecturers. Two of our lecturers are also taking PhDs with Queensland University of Technology. This example shows how institutions can be enriched through international collaboration that goes beyond student exchange. Aligned with the delegation’s student address on the topic of innovation and research in Australia and Australian education within the scope of the country’s bilateral relationships, the partners are currently exploring joint research possibilities and immersion programs, among other.

BINUS UNIVERSITY also had a pleasure of meeting with the Ambassador of Seychelles, His Excellency Mr. Nico Barito on May 16. After describing the socio-economic advantages and challenges of this small island country off the east coast of Africa, the group proposed to develop a joint course in computer science and technology with entrepreneurial focus. With BINUS being one of the national leaders in computer education having developed into a university from a modern computer course, discussed partnership should help move economies of both countries forward. Luxury remote experience of Seychelles serves as a gateway to the Middle East and Africa. BINUS UNIVERSITY, on the other hand, offers its comprehensive entrepreneurial network and expertise. The Ambassador especially hopes for this partnership to help bring Africa and ASEAN closer together in supporting the Youth Leadership Program. While receiving interdisciplinary education, the participants are to be sent to countries abroad to network, with the final goal to return to their home countries delivering practical solutions to existing socio-economic challenges. The group agreed it would be especially favorable for the Indonesian government to facilitate this planned initiative in the form student visas for Africans, currently not available.