BINUS International Office

BINUS UNIVERSITY Welcomes Special Envoy of Seychelles for ASEAN

In keeping with its continued efforts to build upon an unparalleled network of international partners, BINUS UNIVERSITY on 16th May 2016 welcomed a delegation from Seychelles, led by His Excellency Mr Nico Barito as the country’s Special Envoy for ASEAN. This visit coincided with the university’s ongoing series of special events to mark its 35th anniversary, for which Mr Barito congratulated BINUS and specifically commended its success in becoming a leading provider of ICT education in Indonesia. As a means of tapping into the university’s strengths in this regard, Mr Barito during the visitation also expressed his country’s interest in exploring the development of a joint course between BINUS UNIVERSITY and institutions of higher education in Seychelles, in the field of computer science and technology with an entrepreneurial focus – a vision met with great enthusiasm by the members of BINUS’ board of directors in attendance.

Upon speaking about the potential for collaboration between universities in Indonesia and Seychelles, Mr Barito discussed in detail the socio-economic advantages and challenges of the small island country situated off the east coast of Africa and touched upon the many prospective benefits of a partnership. To BINUS UNIVERSITY, Seychelles offers its extensive expertise in the luxury tourism industry, successfully developed in an emerging market. The country would also serve as a strategically located link to further the university’s international presence in Africa. To Seychelles, BINUS offers its aforementioned experience in ICT and a comprehensive entrepreneurial network.

In addition to serving as the Special Envoy of Seychelles for ASEAN, Mr Barito also holds the position of Secretary General of FORSEAA, or the Forum of Small Medium Enterprise AFRICA ASEAN, and is therefore committed to spurring a strengthening of business ties between the regions. BINUS UNIVERSITY through its partnership with Seychelles hopes to play a significant role in this regard and is particularly keen on making available an interdisciplinary education experience in which students have the opportunity to learn from time spent studying and networking overseas before returning to their home country to deliver practical solutions for existing socio-economic challenges.