BINUS International Office

Sharing and Networking with University of Southern California Marshall Students

On Saturday, June 13, 2015 BINUS UNIVERSITY welcomed students from University of Southern California Marshall School of Business with a networking and sharing event at BINUS INTERNATIONAL Campus, Senayan, Jakarta. The visit was facilitated through BINUS TEMAN (Together Experience Multicultural Adventure Now) program, following its successful previous gatherings in 2013 and 2014.

The USC Marshall students take part in the Marshall International Summer Internship Program (MISIP) which provides an in-depth international internship experience with Indonesian organizations. They are currently interning at various institutions in Jakarta, such as Top 1, Forbes Indonesia, KPMG, Rekso, Polytron, Lippo, and Putera Sampoerna Foundation for two months.

The students from the two universities first introduced themselves, exchanged information on their student lives and learned about misconception things about Jakarta and Indonesia before engaging in networking and sharing sessions. The students are encouraged to stay connected so that the sharing can blossom into a meaningful and lasting friendship.