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ASEAN Game Competition 2014: Win USD 2015!

ASEAN Game Competition 2014
Win 2,015 USD to travel with your friends around ASEAN!

In this information age, Mobile Students want to know more about ASEAN. They want to know about countries, culture and people; about the happenings within the ASEAN Community and the impact of the upcoming 2015 AEC.

P2A has developed an entertaining and challenging app called the ASEAN Game. It shows you the things you know, and the things you don’t know about ASEAN. Here is your chance to learn about ASEAN and win the Grand Prize of 2,015 USD to take your friends on a P2A Journey around ASEAN. All you need to do is download the ASEAN Game app, register for the ASEAN Game and compete for the highest score! The student with the highest score on the start of the New Year 2015 wins 2,015 USD in the ASEAN Game Competition!

About Passage to ASEAN
Officially formed in June 2012, Passage to ASEAN is driven by the need for regional solidarity and a shared responsibility towards people and society as a whole and strengthened by resources and abilities to contribute towards the ASEAN Community. The mobile students of the world want to know ASEAN, understand it and see for themselves what it really means. P2A helps to do exactly that: To learn, to experience and to understand ASEAN. Today, P2A is developing the network of ASEAN universities and institutes that share a common belief in the mission of Passage to ASEAN. Together these partners join hands in preparing students to contribute towards a united ASEAN Community. Starting from July 9, BINUS UNIVERSITY is an official partner of Passage to ASEAN.

  • The competition is open to students from registered P2A partners
  • The winner of the competition is the one student with the highest score on the ASEAN Game Leaderboard on midnight 31 December 2014 at 00:00 hours ICT
  • The winner will be announced on 1 January 2015 on the P2A Facebook Page
  • The winning student receives a budget of 2,015 USD to organize a P2A Journey to one or more P2A partners in the region. The winning student must travel with at least 1 friend, but are encouraged to travel with several friends, who are registered students of P2A partner institutes
  • The P2A Journey must qualify under the P2A requirements and must be organized in cooperation with the local P2A Coordinator
  • Download the ASEAN Game app from the App Store or Google Play to play the ASEAN Game on your smart phone or tablet. Play the ASEAN Game on any PC at
  • Register yourself as Gamer on the P2A website on
  • Find out how to play the ASEAN Game on
  • Post any question or comments directly on
  • Prize money must be used exclusively for payment of airfares, local transportation, travel insurance, daily rates at P2A partners (not exceeding 25 USD/student/day) and pocket money (not exceeding 10 USD/student/day)
  • The P2A Journey and expenses must be planned by the students, in coordination with the local P2A Coordinator, and approved by the home institute. Upon receipt of the approved Journey, the P2A Secretariat will transfer the budget to the bank account as specified by the home institute
  • The P2A Journey must be completed before 1 June 2015. All students participating in the P2A Journey require approval from their home institute
  • All students agree to consistently document their P2A Journey on the P2A Facebook Page and other social media, and allow the Secretariat to use these materials for PR purposes
  • The objective of the competition is to attract wide interest amongst the students of P2A partner institutions. P2A Secretariat reserves the right to alter the conditions of the ASEAN Game Competition 2014. The Secretariat will inform P2A Partners immediately of any such alterations