BINUS International Office

BINUS’ Cooperation with International Internship Program

In June 2013, BINUS University received four interns from Australia namely Allana Smith, Claire Stratton, Dominic Harradine and Michael York through International Internships program. The interns are students from well known universities in Australia which are Deakin University, RMIT and Edith Cowan University. For around four weeks up to six months, they will intern at various organizations in Jakarta. They will have the opportunity to put their knowledge and experience into practice as well as receive international work experience while immersing in the unique culture of Indonesia.

Accompanied by interns’ buddies, BINUS welcomed the interns with an informal dinner and an orientation on living in Jakarta. During their internship, BINUS provides logistic, interpersonal and professional support.

It is expected that the internship program will raise awareness and potentially provide an opportunity to a variety of exciting career possibilities. Additionally, interns will gain unparalleled practical work experience, make invaluable business connections, and acquire exceptional employment references.

International Internships is a service provider of internship placements around the world (China, Malaysia, India, and Indonesia) for students, recent graduates and young professionals who are in the early stages of their careers.