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Meidyana Rayana: Studying Abroad Experience & AIESEC

Meidyana Rayana
Graduate Student of Political Science and Economics at Korea University

Studying Abroad & AIESEC

I think the most exciting experience about studying abroad is to find myself sitting in a class conducted in a totally foreign language for me, in Korean. I felt as if I was born again to a new world with people speaking a different language. Even though I still do not speak the language fluently, I still find it exciting. And going out with friends from many other countries to random places can become wonderful adventures.

AIESEC experience was the most valuable moment during my undergraduate years at BINUS. It gave me chance to see the world outside Indonesia and the opportunity to work with the international community. It taught me to be braver, enhance my understanding of the international world and shaped my work ethics.

I went to Taiwan as a volunteer English Teacher Assistant in a public elementary school in Hualian called Guang Fu Elementary School, where most of the students were indigenous Taiwanese. It was my first time going abroad and I stayed there for two months. It was a totally new adventure for me. I saw how different people with different languages and cultures can actually get along as we show care for and curiosity towards each other. I learnt to understand of the Taiwanese education system, and appreciated their hard work. Elementary school students are in school from 8AM to 3 PM and continue to study and attend extracurricular courses until late at night.

Being part of the pioneers to establish AIESEC Expansion Team at BINUS University was an honor for me. An AIESEC BINUS local chapter would offer BINUS students many opportunities to work abroad and other AIESEC members overseas to work in Jakarta, even at BINUS! It was not an easy task. But with the help with teammates, staff of BINUS University, AIESEC UI and AIESEC Indonesia, see where AIESEC BINUS is now! This whole experience taught me a lot about hard work, persistence, and the importance of having solid teammates.

Seoul and The Challenges

I want to be an international reporter and I am always interested on North Korea issues therefore I decided to go to Korea. I applied to Korea University because they have the best Political Science department in Korea. The whole application process from submission to visa processing went smoothly because the university provided clearly all the information on their websites and they swiftly responded to every email.

The challenge here is mainly the language barrier. I think it would have been better if I had taken Korean Language classes first before enrolling to the university. Since my department courses are not fully taught in English so I have to sometimes give up classes that I was really interested in because they were conducted only in Korean. The education system and culture are also different so I needed time to adapt. Korean students like to spend time in the library and study room until dawn but they also play hard and sometimes drink till they drop. I am motivated to keep up with them by managing my time better and to discipline myself in my social life; have fun but always take control of myself and know my limits.

Studying Master & Other Activities

I am doing my Master’s in International Relations. Out of campus life, I write articles of inspirational young leaders for Youth Leader Magazine as part of UN online volunteering program with a Germany-based NGO. (Her article can be seen here – Ed.)

Advice for BINUS Students

My advice is to dare to think big. Imagine yourself having all you want, plan it, find information on how can you reach there and be daring to go for it! You will find that it is not as scary as you imagine.


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