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Mohamad Heykal: 2nd World Conference on Economic Business and Management

25-27 April 2013, Turkey
Mohamad Heykal, Accounting and Finance Department, BINUS UNIVERSITY

On 25-27 April 2013, I had the opportunity to attend an international scientific conference “2nd World Conference on Economic Business Management” in Antalya, Turkey. The conference initially started with a call for papers that was announced in the conference website, and I sent a paper which is the summary of my research collaboration with two other faculty members in the Department of Accounting and Finance, BINUS University, Mr Pariang Siagian and Mr Iswand Idris. The research paper is the paper that I’m about to present in the conference.

The 2nd World Conference on Economic Business and Management was organized by a consortium of higher education, namely Zirve University, Bahcesehir University, Near East University, Eastern Mediterranean University, and Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, which located in Turkey, Northern Cyprus, and Romania. The conference organizing committee was arranged by the World Education Academic and Research Center, a non-profit international organization. The conference activities were conducted at Sentido Zeynep Hotel, located in the area Zeynep, Belek, Antalya, Turkey. Antalya is a province near to the Mediterranean Sea which can be reached by flight for 70 minutes from Istanbul.

The conference begun with an opening speech from Prof. Huseyin Uzunboylu of Near East University, Cyprus, followed by keynote speech from Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Ciccarone of Sapienza University, Italy. He gave presentation about Imperfect Rationality and Macroeconomics. Shortly after, a series of research papers was presented from various parties. The speakers and academician who presented the papers come from numerous universities as well as academic institutions from countries such as Turkey, Romania, Iran, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Jordan, Poland, Russia, Hungary and Israel. I was the only representative from Indonesia and BINUS University. Therefore, I decided to wear Batik when I delivered my paper. Some material presented in the forum including economics, business, accounting and taxation, finance, e-marketing, and many more.

I also used the forum to introduce BINUS University to several parties, such as the organizing committee, represented by Ms. Ipek Danju, Prof. Dr. Huseyin Arsili of Eastern Mediterranean University, Dr Noor Afza Amran from Universiti Utara Malaysia, Joogwha Kim from Hankuk University, Junesuh Yi, Ph.D from Dongguk Business School, Korea, Nadia Selmi from Bahcesehir University Ankara, Prof. Shoam and Amir Lahat Aviv from Haifa University, Israel, and Hao Yun Liang, Ming Shun Shen, Chin Fei Huang of Taiwan and some other academician. On the last day of the conference, for networking purpose, we were invited to see many historical places in the Antalya region, like Side, Aspendos, Manavgat waterfall, and the typical small towns of Turkey, like Kadriye and Belek.

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