BINUS International Office

Collaborative Meeting between South China Normal University and BINUS University

Delegations from South China Normal University visited BINUS University on Tuesday, April 23, 2013. The South China Normal University was represented by Prof. Xiao Hua (Director of Office International Exchange & Cooperation), Prof. Wu Jian (Ph.D Supervisor), Prof. Chen Shaohua (Dean of School of Chinese Language and Literature), Prof. Lu Bo (Vice-Rector of Graduate School), Prof. Wang Baohua (College of International Culture) and Ms. Teng Wei (Assistant of School of Chinese Language and Literature) met Andyni Khosasih (Head of Chinese Department), Idris Gautama (Head of School of Business Management), Yi Ying (Internationalization & Partnership Program Coordinator) and Laily Alfa Citra (International Office Manager) along with a number of BINUS staff members. In the meeting, both institutions discussed about various potential collaboration in the future.