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[CALL FOR PAPERS]: The 4th International Conference on Business, International Relations and Diplomacy 2015

BINUS UNIVERSITY is proud to announce the 4th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BUSINESS, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND DIPLOMACY (ICOBIRD) 2015. ICOBIRD is an annual conference that has been successfully accommodating discourse on Business, International Relations, and Diplomacy in Indonesia since 2012. On this year edition, the conference covers issue of regional integration in Southeast Asia with the grand theme: “Migration and Mobility in Asia and Beyond” and will take place on 3 – 4 November 2015 at Anggrek Campus, BINUS UNIVERSITY, Jakarta.

By 2050 Asia will add another billion to its already huge population of 4.3 billion. The existence of this enormous population might result in the increased flow of migration, both between Asian countries as well as from Asia to other regions. In the Asia Pacific region itself, the movement of people from one place to another has become a growing popular phenomenon, especially in the last decades. Asians have moved from their countries of origin to other Asian countries for various different reasons, such as study, work and/or marriage. As a result, most, if not all, Asian countries have received remittance and transfer of capital and have experienced transnational culture (Hugo, 2013). On the other hand, the interaction between these transnational migrants and the natives of their ‘host countries’ may not only result in the development of the so called ‘transnational culture,’ but also many other forms of social and cultural changes in the country of destination of those migrants.

Due to the significant impacts it might have on politics, society, and culture in the region, the issue of migration and mobility in the Asia Pacific region warrants a serious attention from scholars in the field of International Relations and other disciplines in Social Science. Nonetheless, despite its significance, International Relations scholars have hitherto tended to study this phenomenon from the perspective of security. Such perspective often considers migration, particularly as a security issue because it is related to the Access rules (Weiner 1985: 444-450). The focus of such an approach is among others on the three dimensions of national security, that is, state capacity and autonomy, the balance of power, and the nature of violent conflict. (Adamson 2006: 165-199).

While analyzing migration from the perspective of security provides a significant contribution to the effort to understand the phenomenon, sticking to this perspective alone poses a risk of overlooking many different aspects of migration. To obtain an adequate understanding of the phenomenon, we need to elaborate the issue of migration from many different perspectives. Thus, this ICOBIRD aims to address the above needs.

We would like to bring together scholars with International Relations, Sociology, Human Geography, Cultural Studies, History, Anthropology, and other related backgrounds to share their insights in the conference. We welcome scholars, government officers, business practitioners, and non-governmental organizations (NGO) activists to send their abstracts on the following topics, but not limited to:

Politics and Security and Migration

  • Conflicts and migration
  • Refugees and displaced person and migration

Development and Migration

  • Mobility of capital and migration
  • Transnational migrants and migration
  • Disaster management and migration

Identity and Migration

  • Diaspora and migration
  • Multiculturalism and migration

The role of institution and migration

  • Rules, regulations and policy and migration
  • State and Non State Actors in migration

The Impact of Migration

  • Aging population phenomena
  • Brain – drain phenomena

For further information, you can visit the conference official website or contact:
ICOBIRD Secretariat – Ms. Paramitaningrum
Department of International Relations, Faculty of Humanities – BINUS UNIVERSITY

Jl. Kemanggisan Ilir III, No. 45 Palmerah, Jakarta 11480, Indonesia
Phone: (+62-21) 534-6830 ext. 2453
Fax: (+62-21) 530-0244
Email: |

We are looking forward to meet you at BINUS UNIVERSITY, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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