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Semester Period Academic Calendar
Even / Spring Semester February – July Spring 2018
Odd / Fall Semester September – February Fall 2017

The delivery of education services at BINUS UNIVERSITY is carried out by using System Credit Unit (SCU) as a measurement of evaluating students’ learning outcomes.

One credit (1 SCU) is made up of a weekly commitment of:

  1. An academic hour of scheduled face-to-face learning in the classroom with academic staff.
  2. An academic hour of structured academic activity which has been scheduled and planned by academic staff (lecturers) e.g.: review session or seminar.
  3. An academic hour of independent academic activity such as reading, summarizing, working on papers etc.

Please consult with Academic Advisor if needs to convert this to another credit system.

Students are allowed to take minimum 12 credits and maximum 24 credits per semester.

For Undergraduate program, one semester runs for 13 Lecture weeks, 2 weeks of Mid-tem Exam period and 2 weeks of Final Exam period.


BINUS has 3 campus areas. Student may only choose course list from 1 area of campuses.

  1. Senayan Campuses – known as BINUS International (located around 45 min to 1 hour from student dorm – free shuttle available)
  2. Kemanggisan Campuses – BINUS UNIVERSITY (located within 15 minutes from student dorm – free shuttle available)
  3. Alam Sutera Campus – BINUS UNIVERSITY (located around 1 hour from student dorm – free shuttle available from student dorm or Kemanggisan Campus)

Course List:


For details of curriculum and course syllabus, please visit our curriculum and catalog page. You can check the program individually or download the catalog on the top right of the page.

  • For Kemanggisan and Alam Sutera Campuses, please refer to the Undergraduate Programs List
  • For Senayan Campuses, please refer to BINUS International List

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