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KORINDO. The Company’s name was formed from the initial three letters of Korea and the first four letters of Indonesia. The two parts of the name denote the coming together of these countries, while its meaning was inspired by the company wishing to strike a balance and instill harmony between the people of these two nations.

KORINDO is moving toward a greener tomorrow. Growing a tree takes a lot of time and effort. KORINDO is making time to grow a lot of trees because we love them and we are always thinking of the welfare of our future generations.

KORINDO is a company that plants dreams. KORINDO has not only planted hundreds of millions of trees. We are also building dreams for everyone and at the same time helping to create a happier, healthier world.

The KORINDO Group plans to expand its 140,000 ha of plantations to 250,000 ha. This will allow us to continue producing high-quality wood that can be used for a wide variety of useful goods, including paper and plywood.

Using only recycled paper, we own the largest market share for newsprint in Indonesia, and produce palm oil that is used throughout China, India, and Europe.

We are also recognized as a leader in the field of renewable energy. Our record of constant and sustainable growth includes promoting the development of social infrastructures in Indonesia through the heavy industry sector, with products ranging from wind towers and power generation plants to special-purpose and commercial vehicles.

KORINDO’s record of success is due to our pioneering spirit of meeting every challenge that comes our way and our philosophy of being a future-oriented, innovative, and customer-centered company. In addition to helping people build better lives in a happier and healthier society, we are committed to constantly innovating our management structures and processes to continue in our role as a truly global enterprise. As always, our achievements in the future will be grounded in our advanced technologies, continuous R&D, and the expertise of our dedicated workers.

The Korindo Group comprises more than 30 affiliated companies engaged in the business of natural resources, paper manufacturing, heavy industries (capital-intensive manufacturing), financing, real estate, chemicals, and logistic. We have grown into a global enterprise with over 30.000 employees. As one of Indonesia’s largest conglomerates, we are making significant contribution to country’s economic development.

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