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About Application 

No.  Question  Answer 
 1 I am nominated student to do the student exchange/study abroad to BINUS next semester. What should I do?  
  • Please feel free to visit our page here: 
  • Carefully read the information and download the application. 
  • Fill up the application and submit it to 
  • Should you require further assistance, please send us an inquiry at  
 2 When is the deadline to submit the application? 
  • 15 May, if you are applying for Fall/Odd Semester, which usually starts in September 
  • 15 Oct, if you are applying for Spring/Even Semester, which usually starts in February 
 3 Is it possible if I am taking a bachelor/undergraduate program at my home university but I am really interested to learn your graduate program?  It is not possible to do so.  
 4 What if I am a graduate student at my home university but I am really interested to learn your bachelor/ undergraduate program?  Yes, you may do so. 
 5 How do I know that my university is BINUS Partners? 

Please visit our collaboration page here: 

  • Kindly contact your home university for further details. 
  • If by any chance, your home university is not listed on the site, you may kindly ask your home university to contact us at (attention to Ms. Arina Utami) for further arrangement. 
 6 What is ISEP?  ISEP is shorten from International Student Exchange Program organization that allow students to do mobility programs (student exchange/study abroad/internship) at host university without necessarily having bilateral agreement between home and host universities. 
 7 I have submitted my application. What is the next step?  If our team has confirmed receipt, it means that we are reviewing your application and we shall contact you should we require your assistance on any missing documents. 
 8 When I could get my Letter of Acceptance (LOA)? 

Your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and its supporting documents will be sent electronically on email within 2 months before the semester starts. No hardcopy will be sent. 

Our LOA package will consist of three major documents 

  • Letter of Acceptance, Visa Sponsor & Guarantee Letter; 
  • TELEX; 
  • Study Permit. 
 9 My friends have received their LOA, where is mine?  Should you couldn’t find your TELEX, it means that we are still processing your Study Permit and/or your TELEX is on its way. 

About BINUS Campuses and its Courses 

No.  Question  Answer 
 1 Where can I find the courses open for next semester? 

We will send on email the list of courses offered to exchange/study abroad students to BINUS partners and its nominated students. 

Please email us ( should you are required further assistance on this. 

 2 Where can I find the course description for each course?  You could find the course description on  
 3 I am the exchange student for next semester, in which BINUS campus I am going to study then? 

It depends on your most matched courses for credit transfer purpose. 

At this stage, BINUS offers 4 beautiful campuses for international exchange/study abroad students:

BINUS Alam Sutera (ASM), located at Alam Sutera – Tangerang area, just outskirt of Jakarta with green living and a dynamic icon of urban development. Map:  

BINUS Bekasi (BKS), located in Bekasi, West Java with integrated-green-campus concept. Map:  

BINUS Kemanggisan (KMG), has 3 campus buildings located West Jakarta area. Map:  

BINUS Senayan, famously with the name of BINUS UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL, has 2 campus areas: JWC & fX (6th Fl.) strategically located minutes away from business district and prime residential areas in Jakarta. Map: 

Those 4 campuses offer courses delivered in English, in some cases, exchange/study abroad students may experience Indonesian during learning activities. 

 4 How to do the course enrollment? 
  • At least within 2 weeks before the semester starts, BINUS will send an email containing the list of courses completed with the course schedule.  
  • Exchange/study abroad students must follow the instruction on the email carefully, including arranging their own timetable based on the given schedule. 
 5 The course I wish to take is not on the list. What can I do?  Please consult with your home university’s academic adviser and seek for the course replacement, if possible. 
 6 Can I take courses from different departments?  Yes, you can if those courses are still within a campus. 


 7 Can I take courses from different campus? 

No, it is impossible to do so. 

Exchange/study abroad students may take any offered courses (as long as the course is available and possible) WITHIN A CAMPUS. 

For example: 

  • You may take variation (offered and possible) courses from our Film, Tourism, Computer Science or else within semester, at Kemanggisan Campus, and the classes may spread at AnggrekSyahdan, and Kijang. You will be considered as BINUS Kemanggisan student. 
  • It is not possible to take courses from Fashion at Senayan and Interior Design at Kemanggisan. You should decide in which campus you’ll belong to. 
 8 The course that I want, disappear. What should I do? 

There are three possibilities in this case: 

  • The course is opened, but not offered to exchange/study abroad students due to certain reason (most likely due to language issue); or 
  • The course is indeed unavailable due to the course doesn’t meet the minimum required number; or 
  • The course is indeed permanently unavailable due to the curriculum adjustment. 

Therefore, please consult with your home university’s academic adviser and seek for the course replacement, if possible. 

About BINUS Letter of Acceptance & Indonesia Visa 

No.  Question  Answer 
 1 When I could get my Letter of Acceptance (LOA)?  Your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and its supporting documents will be sent electronically on email within 2 months before the semester starts. No hard-copy will be sent. 

Our LOA package will consist of three major documents 

  • Letter of Acceptance, Visa Sponsor & Guarantee Letter; 
  • TELEX; 
  • Study Permit. 
 2 My friends have received their LOA, where is mine?  Should you couldn’t find your TELEX, it means that we are still processing your Study Permit and/or your TELEX is on its way. 
 3 What type of visa I should apply for my program at BINUS? 

BINUS International students are advised to use the Limited Stay Permit or Izin Tinggal Terbatas for Study Purpose with index code C.316. 

 4 Can I use other type of visa, perhaps Visit Visa? 
  • It is NOT advisable for international students to use other types of visa as it that visa is appropriate to support their stay permit during their study. 
  • Should the students insist to use other type, then it shall be on their account if any inconvenience occurred. 
 5 How can I get my visa? 
  • Please go to your chosen Indonesian embassy/consulate as written on your TELEX and bring the TELEX and Letter of Acceptance, Visa Sponsor & Guarantee Letter along with other documents required by the embassy/consulate, to start the visa application. 
  • Should you have double citizenship, please use the passport which you submitted to us upon application earlier (also written on your TELEX). Your passport ID has been recorded by the Indonesian authorities for visa purpose. 
  • Kindly be sure to make an appointment and process your visa right away to your chosen Indonesian embassy/consulate. 
  • You may find address and its detail information on our Indonesian embassy/ consulate here:, then choose the location on the dropdown menu.  

What is the Study Permit? 

Study permit is a document issued upon our request by the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, proofing that you have legal permission to study in Indonesia. This document is required for visa purpose. 

 7 What is the TELEX? 
  • TELEX is an authorization document issued upon our request by the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Right, Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta, Indonesia. 
  • This TELEX will be sent directly to the chosen Indonesian embassy/consulate where the students plan to apply their visa. 
  • This TELEX is officially charged and the issuance expenses shall be on the students’ financial responsibilities. 
  • Please notice that this TELEX only valid for 60 days since the issuance date. Once it is expired, we should redo the process and pay for the double issuance. 


What is the difference between VITAS and KITAS? 

  • VITAS or Visa Izin Tinggal Terbatas or Limited Stay Permit Visa is the entrance permit to enter Indonesia for foreigner issued by the Indonesian embassy/consulate and usually given based the TELEX.  
  • This procedure should be done before the students’ arrival. 
  • This VITAS can be used only once and valid for 90 days since the issuance date. Once it is expired, you should reapply the process to the Indonesian embassy/consulate and pay for the double issuance to the Indonesian embassy/consulate. 
  • As for KITAS or Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas or Limited Stay Permit e-Card is the stay permit e-card issued by the local governed Immigration Office where the students reside during their stay in Indonesia.  
  • This procedure is a must and should be done within 30 days after students’ arrival – otherwise the students shall consider as illegal stay after the 30 days. 
 9 I have my visa (refer to the VITAS on passport), why I should do my KITAS?  The visa that you have on your passport is called VITAS (please see question above for VITAS description). VITAS will only allow you to enter Indonesia and you must do procedure upon arrival in order to confirm your stay permit. Theendresult of this procedure is KITAS. 
 10 Can I just do KITAS only?  It is not possible. Study Permit, TELEX, VITAS and KITAS must be done in sequence. 


In short, how much and to whom I should pay the visa? 

It depends on the duration of your study program. According to the Indonesia decree namely “PP No.28 Tahun 2019 Tentang Jenis dan Tarif atas PNBP (Penerimaan Negara Bukan Pajak)”, the amount for visa purpose as follows: 

Expenses  Fee  Paid to 
TELEX  IDR 200,000  BINUS* (upon arrival) 
VITAS  around USD 150  Indonesian embassy/consulate 
KITAS + MERP, for 6 months duration  IDR 1,600,000  The local Immigration Office 
KITAS + MERP, for 12 months duration  IDR 2,500,000  The local Immigration Office 


KITAS + MERP, for 24 months duration  IDR 3,750,000  The local Immigration Office 


Overstaying Fine (per-day, per-person)  IDR 1,000,000  The local Immigration Office 



*BINUS has paid the TELEX in advanced on behalf of the students. Therefore, students are required to pay back to BINUS accordingly. 

This TELEX is paid to the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Right, Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta, IndonesiaOfficial receipt is available and given upon the students’ request. 


Anyway, what is MERP? 

MERP is shorten for Multiple Reentry Permit, and it’s a permit which allow the KITAS holders to go in and out freely during the KITAS validity period. 

In short, students don’t need to reapply the visa whenever they re-enter Indonesia. 

 13 My family is coming to visit me for a short while, what type of visa for them?  They may use tourist visa to enter Indonesia. 

My (boy/girl) friend is accompanying me during the program, what type of visa s/he can use? 

S/he may use the tourist visa, however, please notice that the tourist visa is only valid for only 30 days. 


My wife/ husband/ child is coming with me, what should I do? 

BINUS will only give visa sponsorship to BINUS students. 

About Health and Insurance in Indonesia 

No.  Question  Answer 


What kind of health check required for the Health Statement documents (referring to the application package)? 

It’s just a simple health statement from a doctor that you are in a health and good condition to study at BINUS. This document is required for visa purpose. 


Do I need to take vaccines before going to Indonesia? 

There are no specific vaccines required to take by foreigners to visit Indonesia. 

However, we are strongly advised every student to visit and consult with your doctor before your trip to Indonesia and get vaccines or medicines you may need. 


I have bought a health insurance from my home country; how do I claim it? 

  • Please contact your insurance company and ask further guidance on how to claim the insurance. 
  • If the insurance company using reimbursement system, kindly be sure to get every document required during your visit to doctor. 

I am an ISEP students and how to claim the ISEP insurance? 

Normally ISEP students need to pay for the medical bills and reimburse it upon their return. Kindly remember to keep all necessary documents, including the original bills and doctor’s diagnosis 

Please read the claim instructions carefully, here: 


I don’t have any insurance yet; do you have any insurance recommendation? 

At this moment, we do not have any insurance recommendation. Please feel free to independently look for the insurance that suitable with your needs. 


I am not feeling well. What should I do? 

You may consider to visit and consult with a doctor. You may go to one of these hospitals:  


About iBuddy 

No.  Question  Answer 

What is actually iBuddy? 

iBuddy is a BINUS student who volunteering to assist international students at BINUS (all campuses) to transitioning, adapting and adjusting with BINUS environment, Jakarta and Indonesia culture and its custom, but not necessarily becoming personal assistance. 

 2 Do I get one? 

Yes, you do. A pair of iBuddies is assigned into several international students. 

 3 What iBuddy does for us? 
  • Technically, our iBuddies will help for academic and non-academic matters.  
  • You may ask them anything (with respect), as long as it is do-able, possible, not breaking the laws, they would be happy to help. 
 4 How to contact them? 

You may contact them on any kind of communication platforms: email, phone, Skype, etc. 

Every semester, we create a chat platform where everyone can talk each other. You may call for help and whoever available iBuddy will respond whenever and wherever they do. 

 5 Can I ask them to accompany me to travel? 

Yes, you can as long as they agree and capable to do so. 

The term of “capable” has meaning financially, physically, and mentally. Please remember that our iBuddy program is voluntary-based program.


About Internship 

No.  Question  Answer 


I am nominated student to do the student exchange/study abroad to BINUS next semester. Can I do internship as well?  

  • Yes, it is possible. However please notice that it is impossible to take class course and internship at the same time, as our industry partner require intern to do full time internship following their office-hour of the company. 
  • If you plan to experience internship in Indonesia, we suggest you taking the whole year program: study + internship for each semester. In order to do so, please communicate with your home university coordinator. 

How does the internship work actually in Indonesia? 

It is very rarely companies in Indonesia willing to accept international students for internship purpose due to the visa issue. 

Therefore, if you do internship program through BINUS, you will need to understand and accept our term & condition, which are: 

  • You will be still recorded as BINUS students taking an internship course. It also means that you do the internship for academic purpose, not commercial purpose. 
  • There will be a BINUS academic advisor and students need to keep in touch with the advisor and produce an internship report by the end of the internship program. 


Will I have classes to attend during the internship program? 

No, there won’t be any classes for you to attend; however, you may need to communicate with our academic advisor if required (anytime, anywhere, and from any platforms – doesn’t necessarily meet in person).  


What is the consequences if I do not want to do so? 

  • You are at your own risk. We shall cancel your stay permit and you will be considered as illegal stay in Indonesia. 
  • For your reference, the fine for illegal stay is IDR 1,000,000 (+USD 75/EUR 70) per-person per-day, and possibly deportation. 

Can receive salary by doing an internship in Indonesia? 

Again, kindly remember that you are doing internship for academic purpose – not for commercial purpose. According to the visa regulations, you are not allowed to receive any so-called salary/wage/pay/income/etc. Therefore, please manage your expectation. 


Anyway, how do I know I have a company to do an internship? 

  • Once we received your internship application, BINUS will look and explore for internship possibilities according to your preference as written at your internship application. 
  • Please understand that the internship placement should work mutually. Therefore, an interview may require as part of the process. 

When is actually the deadline for this internship? 

  • If your home university is our partner in student exchange program, then please follow the deadline for student exchange/study abroad program or as follows in order to set free from the internship’s tuition fee: 
  • 15 May, if you are applying for Fall/Odd Semester, which usually starts in September 
  • 15 Oct, if you are applying for Spring/Even Semester, which usually starts in February 
  • In addition, basically our internship program is a feepaying program, and the tuition fee will be charged according to the internship duration and its credit. In this case, you may submit at least 4 months before the internship starts. Placement will be done once the tuition fee is receipt confirmed by our side. 


About BINUS Square 

No.  Question  Answer 


Should I stay at BINUS Square for the whole program? 

The floor is yours whether you want to stay at our Hall of Residence, BINUS Square, or somewhere else. 


What should I do if I want to stay BINUS Square? 

Please submit the BINUS Square Application Form during the application period. 

 3 How do I know that I get my room?  If you have submitted BINUS Square application form during the application period, we have booked a room accordingly. Please make the payment in order to confirm your booking. 
 4 Will I get an invoice or something from BINUS SQUARE in order to make the payment?  The BINUS SQUARE application form has contained the billing statement, and students may calculate it according to the rental price times the month duration of stay, adding with the security deposit. 
 5 How to calculate the rental price exactly?  For example, a student plans to stay for 5 months at double occupancy room, where the rental price (sample price) is USD XXX per month, per person 


Double Occupancy Room Rental  USD XXX 
Month to Stay  4 months 
Security Deposit  USD 200 
How much you have to pay 
(4 months * USD XXX) + USD 200 


 6 How I make the payment? 
  • Our BINUS Square prefer the students to pay it all in advanced. 
  • If you plan to pay it using international bank transfer, please look at the BINUS SQUARE application page 2, then you will find the bank detail information. 
  • Kindly notice that bank charges that occurred for international bank transfer is subject to the students’ financial responsibilities. 
 7 What is this bank charge?  Bank charge is the service expenses arise due to the process of international bank transfer. This process involves several parties: the sender bank (your bank), the correspondent bank, and the beneficiary bank. 
 8 How much the bank charge is actually?  It depends actually and we are not sure how much for sure as there are several parties involved. 
 9 Can I pay BINUS Square in monthly basis?  No, you can. It is our BINUS Square regulation that the students who rent a room at the BINUS Square should pay in term or the whole duration in advanced. 
 10 Can I pay in cash? 
  • It is possible for you to pay in cash upon arrival. However please notice the typically Indonesian people only accept certain USD. Please ask for google assistance for further details on this. 
  • Or you may pay it in IDR and we shall follow the currency rate according to the rate applied on payment date. 
 11 What facilities I could get by staying at BINUS Square?  Please feel free to visit to check the BINUS SQUARE facilities. In addition, our BINUS Square is quick witted in terms of safety, and strategically located. 

Can I stay with my friend at the BINUS Square? 

  • If your friends are with BINUS and you are planning to stay at our double occupancy room, yes, you may share the room the him/er. 
  • However, if your friends are not with BINUS, they may stay at our Guest Room. You may contact our front office at the BINUS SQUARE for further room reservation. 

What if I have problem during my stay at BINUS Square? 

Please at ease, our front office is available 24 hours 7 days a week. Feel free to tell them the problems are, and if it is something relates to the BINUS Square, they will help you. 


About BIPA Program 

No.  Question  Answer 

What is BIPA Program? 

BIPA is shorten for Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (Indonesian language for foreigner). It’s a non-credit program to learn Indonesian language. Feel free to learn about it further details here: 


I am an exchange student, why should I pay for the BIPA program? 

The student exchange agreement between BINUS and your home university may include the tuition waived for credit-based courses, while our BIPA program is not part of the BINUS curriculum. Therefore, you need to pay for the BIPA Program. 


Is it compulsory to join the BIPA Program? 

No, it is not compulsory. However, by having said it, BIPA Program is supplement activities for international students to understand better on Indonesian language, its people and its culture. 


How much the BIPA Program? 

Our BIPA Program is managed by BINUS Language Center, therefore, you may drop further inquiry, including the expenses, to our Language Center directly. 

Their contact can be found here: 


About Daily Life 

No.  Question  Answer 
 1 Will someone pick me up at the airport? 
  • Yes, our iBuddy will be picking you up IF you arrive on the suggested date of arrival. 
  • They will be wearing iBuddy Tshirt at the Soekarno Hatta Terminal 2 Gate 2D on arrival floor (near BAKMI GM area). 
  • We will apply shuttle system from/to the airport from/to our Hall of Residence, BINUS Square. 
 2 Is this airport pick up free of charge? 

Yes, it is free if you arrive on the suggested date of arrival. 


What if my flight is not on the suggested date of arrival? 

Please feel free to arrange your own transportation.  


My flight is not on the suggested date of arrival, what is your recommendation to get to BINUS Square from the airport? 

You may take Grab or Blue Bird taxi. It costs you around IDR 150,000 (including the toll-fee, + EUR/USD 10) one way. 


How much I should prepare every month to live in Jakarta? 

It depends on the students’ lifestyle. A humble student may prepare USD 500 per-month (excluding the housing rental, assuming the student is staying at our BSQ and have paid the rental all in advanced). 


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