People Innovation Excellence

Emily Faye Pulley, Graphic Design and New Media Truman State University, United State of America (Spring 2014)

My exchange experience was good. I enjoyed my stay in BINUS SQUARE and had an awesome roommate, named Noah. I like that we could meet other local and international students in BINUS SQUARE and make friends with them. The pool was great as well and I spent many nights hanging out, eating and talking there.
My impression of Jakarta is that it’s a very vibrant and lively city. There is traffic but it’s nice to be driven around and it’s always easy to catch a taxi. I felt a bit like a celebrity being a “bule” and became more aware of how I might stand out as an individual.
The best experience was traveling around because everywhere I went was different. It was always a new experience. I will miss all the nice people I have met and the tasty food so much. I have really enjoyed this experience.

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