Indonesia & BINUS Spotlight

BINUS UNIVERSITY Achieves Global Recognition by QS World University Rankings 2020

BINUS UNIVERSITY is now officially included in the QS World University Rankings as the 1st and only private university in Indonesia. BINUS UNIVERSITY was previously ranked by QS at #251-260 amongst universities in Asia in 2018, a rise from its #301 position in 2017. Alongside, BINUS currently holds the 4 Stars institutional badge by QS, with 5 Stars in Teaching, Employability, Facilities, Social Responsibility and Inclusiveness...Read more

BINUS UNIVERSITY Will Host the 13th QS World Class 2020 Conference

BINUS is a proud host of QS World Class 2020. We are excited to discuss teaching, learning, innovation, and technology from the perspective of SE Asia with the academy leaders across the globe, and how the industry can work together with higher education institutions to prepare students facing the Industrial revolution 4.0...Read more

MVB Indonesia and BINUS University Hosts Sustainable Fashion, Textiles and Retail Seminar

If we look closely at the subject of “sustainable fashion”, we soon realise that there are many serious aspects that we have to take into account. The whole business starts with the raw materials, each with their own characteristics: man-made fibres are often blamed for being not eco-friendly, but natural fibres, such as cotton, have their critics too. We try to open up some of the arguments in this seminar. Then there is the manufacturing side with many people now emphasizing the importance of making clothes in a more environmentally friendly manner...Read more

Student Centered Learning

Taking Inspiration from Gorontalo’s Natural Beauty for Fashion Collection

For a fashion designer, the inspiration for fashion collection could come from anywhere; one of them could be found in the nature. Therefore, the Fashion Program of BINUS Northumbria School of Design (BNSD) held a trip to two Gorontalo’s natural wonders, during the field trip hat was conducted from 23 – 25 April 2019...Read more

Guest Lecture: Mateusz Woinski, PhD., Erasmus+ Visit to BINUS University

From 17th – 20th June 2019, BINUS UNIVERSITY hosted Mr Matueusz Woinski Ph.D from the Faculty of Law of the Kozminski University in Poland as a guest lecture to undergraduate Business Law students. His lectures included the topic of criminal law and highlighted how the Polish legal system was familiar to the Indonesian legal system – partly because they were both influenced by similar European legal systems...Read more

Research & Community

BINUS Research on How Real Oil Prices and Domestic Financial Instabilities are Good for GCC Countries Tourism Demand in Malaysia

BINUS Research on Data Warehouse Development for Customer WIFI Access Service at a Telecommunication Company

Malaysia, located in the heart of Southeast Asia, is a multicultural country whose ‘green’ and ‘blue’ tourism attractions have become the main tourism spot for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) tourists. We employed the Threshold Error Correction cointegration and the nonlinear causality estimates to capture the nexus between real energy prices and financial stability for the GCC countries’ tourism demand...Read more

As the main public company in telecommunication and broadband business in Indonesia, PT XYZ has always tried to ensure adequate wifi access service to meet the needs of broadband consumers. This wifi service, called wifi-id, uses an Authentication, Authorization, Accounting server by collaborating with the other network providers...Read more

Global Reach & Diversity


From 10th – 13th May 2019, BINUS UNIVERSITY hosted its annual Binus Festival, an event that features ‘internationalization’ seminars and workshops across all campuses and covering a variety of important topics such as climate change, trade, and human rights in business. Each study program presented their own individual themes and this year Binus Global focused on the role of Indonesia's healthcare system on developing economic growth...Read more

BINUS UNIVERSITY Hosts Guest Lecture by South Korean Ambassador

On 3rd May 2019, BINUS UNIVERSITY hosted the Ambassador of South Korea to Indonesia, H.E. Mr Kim Chang-Beom at its Jakarta campus. The ambassador was invited as a guest lecturer and presented to students the history and future potential of the two nation's bilateral relations, particularly in the field of education...Read more


BINUS UNIVERSITY will host International Day (i-Day) 2019

From 31st October – 1st November 2019, BINUS UNIVERSITY will host International Day 2019 (I-Day), an annual event that invites the university’s partners from various industries and academia to showcase educate students on the ongoing opportunities such collaborations and partnerships provide. This year’s theme will be ‘Global Lifelong Learning’ and the university encourages all stakeholders to register before 13th September 2019. I-Day will occur simultaneously across all the university’s campuses...Read more

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