Indonesia & BINUS Spotlight

BINUS University's Doctorate Student Breaks the International Journal Publication Record

BINUS University Doctorate of Research in Management (DRM) Student, Leonardus Wahyu Wasono Mihardjo, has broken the record for the most international publications from a doctoral program student in Indonesia. As the Chief Finance and Business Partner Officer (CFBPO) at PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin), Leonardus’ research has focused on the topic on digital business transformation and strategy...Read more

Creating Digital-based Entrepreneurs at BINUS Malang

The inauguration of the BINUS Malang campus was also used as an arena for BINUS University to proclaim BINUSMalang as a Digital Technopreneur Center that will unite ecosystems to encourage the growth of Digital, Technology and Entrepreneurship in East Java and eastern Indonesia..Read more

Student Centered Learning

Changing the Future with CAKRA, an Automatic Pesticide Drone Made by BINUS Students

Spraying of pesticides must always be done by farmers to produce suitable crops to avoid pests that will eat the results of gardening. Although this pesticide spray is helpful in eradicating pests, it also has side effects. The side effect itself is that many farmers fall ill to death due to pesticides. With this issue, the two BINUS University students made and developed a pesticide-spraying drone...Read more

194 Developers Graduated from Apple Developer Academy @ BINUS

The second batch from the Apple coding training program made up of 196 students graduated from Apple’s Developer Academy on the 14th January 2020. This initiative, in partnership with BINUS University, seeks to develop Indonesian human resources with world class programming capabilities and this second batch alone has successfully created 36 mobile applications...Read more

Research & Community

BINUS University Research on the Analysis of the Financial Services and Technology Sector in Indonesia

Intelligent Quadcopter Drone as Surveillance and First Aid for Patients in Emergency Situations

Henricus Bambang Triantono, M.M. and Lea Sulaiman Saputra, M.M., lecturers at BINUS University teaching Information Systems program, published a research paper titled "Analysis of Mapping Problems Fintech is a Dynamic Segment of the Intersection Between Financial Services and the Technology Sector"...Read more

BINUS University's lecturers collaborated on publishing a research paper titled "Intelligent Quadcopter Drone as Surveillance and First Aid for Patients in Emergency Situations". The paper is written by Dr. Jarot S. Suroso, M.Eng., Prof. Dr. Widodo Budiharto, Andry Chowanda, M.M., Ph.D., and Dr. Alexander Agung Santoso Gunawan, M.Sc...Read more

Global Reach & Diversity

BINUS University Partners with Alibaba to Offer "Digital Talent Empowerment Program"

Alibaba Cloud Indonesia has joined other global technology giants in providing training in cloud technology and services to lecturers, entrepreneurs and students to create more information technology (IT) experts in the country...Read more