This June we again bring you news from BINUS UNIVERSITY as we keep collaborating to deliver market relevant education. Check out the announcement section for our summer programs and upcoming conferences!


Boosting Indonesia's Digital Economy - Apple's iOS Foundation Program Unfolds at BINUS

Since April 2017, BINUS University has been preparing iOS Foundation Program in collaboration with Apple. Being the first of its kind in Asia, the program aims to inspire world-class developers and prepare them for a thriving mobile economy. This unique 4-week program will orientate students in SWIFT programming language and... Read more.


Common Purpose Study Abroad Programme with Top US Universities

From 13th – 16th June 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY hosted the Common Purpose Study Abroad programme in partnership with Harvard University, University of Chicago, and Georgetown University.  Common Purpose Study Abroad is an experiential leadership programme that takes students out of their comfort zone and... Read more.


Student Runs Men's Favorite Fashion Brand in Indonesia

Yasa Paramita Singgih, BINUS UNIVERSITY Marketing Communication student, is a young entrepreneur heading Men’s Republic. Read more.

BINUS Alumni Receive International Award for a Housing Concept

In 2013 BINUS graduates of the architecture program Muhammad Egha, Sunjaya Askaria, Hezby Ryandi, and Fahmy Desrizal established... Read more.

Alumna Opens a Programming Academy in Jogjakarta

Alamanda Shantika Santoso, 2009 Computer Science and Mathematics alumna, recently founded BINAR Academy in Jogjakarta. Read more.


BINUS UNIVERSITY Launched of Warung Prancis

On 12th May 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY launched ‘Warung Prancis’ at its Anggrek campus, a self-contained French-themed open area that was aimed at promoting greater collaboration between BINUS UNIVERSITY and... Read more.

Participating In P2A Programme

On 24th April 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY students and lecturers embarked on their first leg of the Passage to ASEAN (P2A) tour which ended on 3rd May 2017. BINUS UNIVERSITY officially joined the P2A association in... Read more.

Hosting Game Jam with COVENTRY University

From 12th-24th April 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY in cooperation with Coventry University hosted the BINUS-Coventry Game Jam Project which was held at BINUS UNIVERSITY’s Jakarta campus. Following on from the success of... Read more.

Visiting Alumni from Queensland University of Technology

On 27th May 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY was set to host a special Guest Lecture event which featured Dr. Ralf Muhlberger and Ms Wendy Perry as alumni from Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The lecture session covered... Read more.


BINUS UNIVERSITY Research Highlights Probiotics Potential

BINUS UNIVERSITY researcher and Head of Department of Food Technology Dr Ingrid Surono is currently undertaking the first year of her research initiative on the potential use of probiotics as adjuvants for... Read more.

BINUS UNIVERSITY Conducts Research on Role of ASEAN Economic Community

BINUS UNIVERSITY lecturer, Prof. Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, S.Sos., M.M., Ph.D., is currently carrying out a research project in the field of international political economy (IPE).Prof. Tirta is the Department Head of International Relations... Read more.


BINUS UNIVERSITY Holds Internationalization Seminars

From 10th-13th May 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY held its ‘Internationalization Seminars’ which is part of the university’s annual BINUS Festival event — the festival is held twice a year across BINUS UNIVERSITY campuses that... Read more.

BINUS UNIVERSITY Participates in Fashion Nation 2017

On 11th – 13th April 2017, BINUS Northumbria School of Design (BNSD) participated in Fashion Nation 2017 as the university strived to promote Indonesia’s heritage through the field of fashion design. The event – organised by... Read more.

Freshmen Engineer Innovative Products

BINUS UNIVERSITY through BINUS ASO School of Engineering (BASE) held an annual exhibition in early 2017 celebrating the 1st year students‘ creations at Kijang Kampus, Kemanggisan. Taking place since 2015 the exhibition... Read more.

BINUS UNIVERSITY Hosts Greater Nusantara Event

On 24th May 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY hosted the “Greater Nusantara” event which provided insights to participants regarding community development initiatives through the field of education, information technology, and... Read more.


Unfolding Context-Informed Designs with China

Hanny Wijaya, Head of Internationalization & Partnership Program at BINUS UNIVERSITY School of Design, combines her research interests with her internationalization duties to develop strategic partnerships abroad. Read more.

Building Strong Machine Recognition Research in SE Asia

By blending together her professional and off-duty interests, Dr. Lili hopes to strengthen machine recognition research is SE Asia and develop products on demand by the Indonesian tech savvy youth. International collaboration is... Read more.

Develop a Sense of Empathy through THROUGH BINUS EDUKIDS

There are many ways to foster empathy and help others, especially for those in need. The Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) 2018 batch students of BINUS INTERNATIONAL have their own method to accomplish this goal and... Read more.


Conferences : Calls for Papers

BINUS UNIVERSITY offers several international conferences with diverse subjects, from Business, Information Management, Game Art, to Eco Engineering Development. The deadline for abstracts differs from May 15th - August 31st. Read More.

Let's Join International Summer Programs 2017

Were your students ever curious about what we have in Indonesia? Are they craving for a journey outside your country?  Spread the words because we give them the chance to experience it by themselves! They can enjoy their summer time by... Read more.