This April we again bring you news from BINUS UNIVERSITY as we keep collaborating to deliver market relevant education. Check out the announcement section for our summer programs and upcoming conferences!


We are delighted to announce that BINUS is expanding to reach other regions outside Jakarta. BINUS UNIVERSITY currently has 4 campuses in Jakarta and the suburb (Kemanggisan Campus in West Jakarta, Senayan Campus in South Jakarta, Alam Sutera and Bekasi in the West and East suburbs). Last year we launched BINUS Malang in East Java ( and BINUS Bandung ( will be launched in September 2017 in West Java. These 3 institutions are a part of... Read more.


Thoughts about Indonesia bring out imagery of beautiful landscapes and a booming economy. To preserve the nature while keeping up the economic growth, Indonesia is often perceived to need strong leadership and engineers to build sustainable infrastructure and processes. Indonesia lags behind the neighboring countries in the number of engineers it produces. In 2013, Indonesia  had 2,671 engineers per one million citizens, whereas Thailand had 4,421 engineers.* A popular career choice in... Read more.


TEMU : Digital Blue-Collar Job Marketplace

Three BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL soon-to-be graduates, inspired by a competition, joined hands to develop TEMU, a for-profit digital blue-collar job marketplace, connecting the right skills with the best job opportunities, while helping to elevate slum dwellers from poverty. Here is the story of Co-Founders Maral Dipodiputro, lawyer, Gasim Alkaff, information technology expert, and Gustian Mahardika, digital marketer who learned about the Hult Prize, and sharpened their marketing, business management and... Read more.


Hosting Indonesian Rectors Forum 2017

On 3rd February 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY hosted the Indonesian Rectors Forum 2017 at the university’s Alam Sutera location as well as at... Read more.

Launching of #AussieBanget Corner

On 23rd March 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY officially launched its #AussieBanget Corner located at its Library and Knowledge Centre, Anggrek Campus... Read more.

Hosting Global Festival of Learning Event

On 27th January 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY in partnership with Bournemouth University hosted the second annual Global Festival of Learning ASEAN... Read more.


BINUS UNIVERSITY Researcher Develops Smart Fridge

BINUS UNIVERSITY researcher, Dr Rinda Hedwig, has recently succeeded in developing an affordable smart appliance module as part of her goal of making technology accessible to the general public. The project involved designing a smart fridge which provides... Read more.  

BINUS UNIVERSITY Research on Agricultural Bioscience Potential

BINUS UNIVERSITY lecturer and researcher Dr Bens Pardamean is currently developing his research on the utilisation of agricultural bioscience to support Indonesia’s food security measures. In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr Pardamean aims to... Read more.


BINUS UNIVERSITY Hosts Asian English Olympics 2017

From 9th – 13th February 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY through the BINA NUSANTARA English Club (BNEC) recently hosted its annual Asian English Olympics 2017. Now into its sixth year, the Asian English Olympics seeks to challenge participants from across Asia in debating, public speaking, short... Read more.

Promoting the Innovation Culture Through Smart Creatives Exhibition

As one of the leading educational institutions in Indonesia, BINUS UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL (BUI) is committed to foster a generation of “Smart Creatives” (a term coined by Google) who will be the upcoming startup founders, social innovators and corporate game-changers. Read more.


BINUS Inbound through SmartLink

Tomasz Siewierski, PhD, EEng. of Lodz University of Technology (TUL, Poland) came to BINUS UNIVERSITY for 2 months through the SmartLink project* with three objectives: to learn about the internationaliza-tion of higher education and international collabora-tion at Asian universities, to collect information and gain first-hand experience regarding the implementation of the sustainable... Read more.

Cross-Border Collaboration in Research and Teaching of Intelligent Systems : A Case of Dr. Budiharto

Dr. Widodo Budiharto, Lecturer Specialist - Doctoral with the School of Computer Science and Robotics and Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory at BINUS UNIVERSITY, considers faculty exchange as an integral part of his job. “Through faculty exchange,” speaks Dr. Budiharto, “we get... Read more.


Let's Join International Summer Programs 2017

Calling for Submission of Research Papers for iCOPE 2017

From 24th-25th August 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY in cooperation with other esteemed higher education institutions in Indonesia, will host the 2nd International Conference on Organisational Performance (iCOPE) 2017 seminar and conference in Bandung. In anticipation of... Read more.

BINUS UNIVERSITY Calls for Artwork Submissions for IAIF 2017

BINUS UNIVERSITY is accepting artwork submissions for the Intercultural Academic International Forum (IAIF) 2017 event that will take place at the One Space Gallery venue in China in July 2017. The event began in 2016 by BINUS UNIVERSITY’s Creative Advertising study programme and... Read more.

BINUS UNIVERSITY Calls for Paper for ICCSCI 2017

BINUS UNIVERSITY is accepting paper submissions for the upcoming 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Computational Intelligence (ICCSCI) event set to take place from 13th – 14th October 2017. ICCSCI is hosted by BINUS UNIVERSITY’s School of Computer Science... Read more.

BINUS UNIVERSITY Calls for Paper for Management and Technology Conference

From 26th-28th September 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY will host the International Conference on Advanced Management and Information Technology Services (@MITS), which will be held in Labuhan Bajo in Flores. The conference aims to... Read more.