Indonesia & BINUS Spotlight

BINUS Launches the BINUSIAN Care Program To Help Fight COVID-19

As the challenges surrounding the containment of COVID-19 become ever greater in Indonesia, BINUS University has created the BINUSIAN Care program to invite all BINUS alumni as well as employees, lecturers, teachers, students and non-Binusian colleagues who wish to participate in raising funds for medical and non-medical causes related to the COVID-19 pandemic...Read more

BINUS UNIVERSITY Chinese Literature Program Receives 'A' Accreditation

The quality of a higher education institution is determined by several factors, one of which is accreditation as a form of quality assessment from outside parties, both independent, government, and international. In addition to institutional accreditation, it is also widely known that the accreditation of study programs are an increasingly important reference for people when choosing tertiary education institutions...Read more

Student Centered Learning

Build Your Future with GreatNusa

GreatNusa is an online learning portal with a vision of fostering & empowering the Indonesian people through access to learning anywhere and anytime for lifelong learners. GreatNusa presents a variety of practical, quality learning materials, selected from leading experts & educational institutions...Read more

Online Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Do We Do It?

Due to the spread of COVID-19, the government of Indonesia has instructed the people to stay at home and conduct self-quarantining until the condition improves. BINUS UNIVERSITY is striving to take preventive efforts with the aim of protecting the health of all students, lecturers, employees, and all related parties. All of the lecture activities are conducted using online methods...Read more

Research & Community

What Might Post-COVID-19 Business Strategies Look Like?

COVID-19 will most likely change the way we do our business in the future, and the way we make important decisions today will affect how we will live our lives tomorrow. Executives and entrepreneurs need to be able to foresee the future to ensure that they can survive the upcoming disruptions...Read more

Economy, Trust and Corona: The Indonesian Context

COVID-19 is a global pandemic that affects more than 200 countries worldwide. This disease affects not only people’s health and well-being but also the economy. This domino effect is going to hurt the world’s economy from all sides. This impact on the economy is going to be especially difficult for developing countries such as Indonesia...Read more


Global Reach & Diversity

Studium Generale with Archipelago International: Managing Multi Brands Across the Globe

BINUS UNIVERSITY held a studium generale with John Flood, MBA, President & CEO of Archipelago International. This Studium Generale is titled "Studium Generale with Archipelago International: Archipelago Transformation of Managing Multi Brands Across the Globe". In addition to an understanding of the hotel world in general, John Flood also provided insights related to the hospitality business in the future after being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently happening...Read more