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" On 17th December 2018, BINUS UNIVERSITY singed a MoU with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the world’s largest professional body of management accountants at its Anggrek campus in Jakarta. The partnership will see CIMA contribute to the development of the Master of Accounting study program at BINUS UNIVERSITY through guest lectures as well as internship opportunities. Present at the event was Mr Dwi Putra Widiyanto as CIMA Indonesia’s Country Manager, Prof Dr Edi Abdurachman as the Director of the Binus graduate program, and Dr Rindang Widuri as Chair of the Master of Accounting study program. Through this collaboration, CIMA will also assist the university in revising the program’s current curriculum to include practical elements of management accounting. This will enable students to garner an understanding of the recent challenges facing the industry. In doing so, students will hone their skills in analyzing revenue, cash flow, and debt calculations, to spot trends that will help in the day-to-day management of a company or formulate strategic corporate strategies. BINUS UNIVERSITY’s latest collaboration highlights the institution's efforts in expanding its international network of partners. Such endeavours provide young adults with full access to an education system that supports creative minds keen on leading major industry and academic breakthroughs. "
" From 10th – 14th December 2018, BINUS UNIVERSITY in collaboration with Common Purpose — a non-profit that delivers face-to-face and online leadership programmes for universities and institutions — hosted the Global Leader Experience program in Jakarta. 22 BINUS UNIVERSITY students and 50 King’s College London students participated in the program. Students learned how ‘smart cities’ make the most effective and innovative use of their resources to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. This year, BINUS UNIVERSITY has partnered with King’s Business School, part of King’s College London. Through this program, students investigated the complex challenges for Jakarta in becoming a ‘smart city’ through a combination of online and offline learning methods. This involves meeting and interacting with city leaders, visiting local businesses and government as well as analyzing current hard and soft infrastructure development such as the use of data collection sensors. The data is then used monitor vital utilities such as water supply networks, power plants, and waste management plants to manage these assets and resources efficiently. Some of the leaders the students had an opportunity to interact with include Rian Ernest (VP, Vice President, Jakarta division of Indonesia Solidarity Party), Agung Wickasono (President Director, Transjakarta) and Dr. Nirarta Samadhi (Country Director, WRI Indonesia), apart from many others through the 5 days of the programme in Jakarta. The prominent companies and organizations the students visited include:
  • International Labour Organization
  • Meek Nusantara Foundation
  • Qlue
  • Nara Kreatif
  • Precious One
  • Wika
  • The Asia Foundation
  • Institute for Transportation & Development Policy
  • YCAB Foundation
  • Jakarta Smart City
  • Microsoft Indonesia
Furthermore, that the programme aims to help students develop their Cultural Intelligence — the ability to cross boundaries and thrive in multiple cultures and leadership skills by tackling the challenge of “How do smart cities ensure they are inclusive”, — since the issue of how cities can achieve economic inclusivity is prominent worldwide, particularly amongst countries experiencing rapid urbanization such as Indonesia. BINUS UNIVERSITY’s participation in this program is demonstrative of the university’s strategy to create an atmosphere that promotes group-orientated and individual-centric thinking. As Jakarta strives forward in becoming a smart city, BINUS UNIVERSITY students will be equipped with the skills to provide solutions that support inclusive economic growth and long-term sustainability. "
" On 24th November 2018, BINUS UNIVERSITY participated in the annual Christmas Market organized by Die Bruecke (The Bridge) — a foundation established by the German-speaking community living in Indonesia. This year, the event took place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Jakarta and provided an opportunity for Die Bruecke to showcase the different cultures of countries that have a significant number of German speakers — Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The event also included a market where local handicrafts were available. As such, BINUS UNIVERSITY has its own booth at the event and encouraged guests to visit and learn more about the BINUS Northumbria School of Design. As part of its mission, Die Bruecke aims to be a bridge between businesses and communities in Germany and Indonesia. Through its Christmas Market, the foundation can thus illustrate unique cross-cultural aspects such as halal, non-halal, and vegetarian dishes from meatloaf to sauerkraut to sausages and pretzels, as well as highlighting the distinctive German traditional attires and Christmas customs. BINUS UNIVERSITY took the opportunity to present several handicraft products produced by an alumnus of the BINUS Northumbria School of Design, Ms Karlina as well as its current Head of the Fashion Design program, Ms Ratna Dewi Paramita. Ms Karlina is the driving force behind Zanneta, a brand that produces scarfs that utilizes unique motifs that were inspired by Indonesia’s Betawi culture. This includes using contemporary designs that incorporate traditional instruments, dance, folktale, and food. Ms Paramita is the Creative Director of MITA Jewellery and the brand produces its jewellery by hand. Inspired by the spirit of youth and pop culture, the products have gain prominence in markets in Europe as well as Asia. In participating in the Christmas Market, BINUS UNIVERSITY demonstrated to guests its impact in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of its students and staff. This has resulted from the institution’s innovative approach to higher education by developing curricula that fully supports creative minds keen on leading major industry and academic breakthroughs."
" On 30th November 2018, BINUS UNIVERSITY hosted its yearly Humanitarian Festival at its campus in Jakarta. Collaborating with the institution's NGO division, Teach for Indonesia (TFI), the festival saw the university’s teaching staff and students provide training and knowledge sharing sessions on community sustainability programs to visitors. As such, these initiatives aim to empower communities through the development of skills that can be utilized to improve quality of life. The event also featured seminars illustrating the diverse social and environmental problems in Indonesia, covering pressing topics such as managing household debts to plastic pollution — BINUS UNIVERSITY itself has developed numerous research programs to support and propose viable solutions for a variety of sectors ranging from computer systems to medicine to bioinformatics. Furthermore, the university distributed scholarships to the children of its employees from low-income backgrounds through its BINUS Talent Kids Scholarship program. With more than 500 recipients being awarded this year, the program will support the children's academic and non-academic activities, providing them with the foundation to enter higher education or employment. Through this event, BINUS UNIVERSITY's enrolled students have an opportunity to engage closely with Indonesian society; producing graduates that are well-rounded and eager to participate in advancing the country’s workforce. "
" From 16th-20th December 2018, BINUS UNIVERSITY through its School of Information Systems hosted the International Thematic Camp (ITC@SIS 2018), a four-day project-based course that focuses on the latest developments in information systems. Themed ‘One World, One Family’, students developed strategies on how to implement the nuances of information systems to sectors such as e-tourism and the services industry, in addition to learning how to enhance mobility, user experience, and its effect on innovation. Prominent speakers attended the event include Prof. Veera Bhatiasevi from Mahidol University in Thailand and user experience specialists from renowned Indonesian companies Go-Jek and Sinarmas. The speakers showcased that an integrated set of components for collecting, processing, and storing data are required for any information systems. As such, organizations from business firms to government bodies rely on information systems to manage their operations, interact with customers, run supply chains, and process financial accounts among many others. Through implementing wide-elements of IT knowledge as the basis for its study programmes, BINUS UNIVERSITY students are some of Indonesia’s most sought-after young professionals able to lead major academic and industry breakthroughs. It is hoped that through this course, students can develop the relevant skills in the unique field of information systems and thus compete in today’s era of technological innovation-centred development.  "
" On 14th December 2018, BINUS Northumbria School of Design students participated in a design competition at its campus in Jakarta. In collaboration with the ASEAN Foundation, students were asked to present their interior design ideas to be used for the renovation of the ASEAN Foundation offices in Jakarta. Present at the event was Ms Elaine Tan as the Executive Director of the ASEAN Foundation, Mr Danendro Andi as Dean of the School of Design, and Ms Ulli Aulia Ruki as Head of the Interior Design program. In addition to the competition, students also listened to a seminar by Mr Andrew Laurie, the Principal Architect at Einhaus Studio. Mr Laurie illustrated Indonesia’s culturally rich and diverse architecture, influenced by the hundreds of ethnic groups that shape the country. He also emphasized that through these influences, young Indonesian designers should be inspired to create contemporary artwork that illustrates the country’s heritage. Through this competition, the ASEAN Foundation aimed to support the development of Indonesia’s human resources by cooperating with local higher education institutions. As such, for BNSD, the event was aimed at providing students with further insights and experiences in interior design as well as gaining familiarity in working with prominent international partners."
" On 4th December 2018, BINUS UNIVERSITY in collaboration with the Indonesian Heritage Society (IHS) hosted a guest lecture and discussion panel at the Erasmus Huis building on the topic of 'social movements in Indonesian music'. The IHS is a non-profit entity with the aim of promoting the country’s cultural heritage through a wide range of activities. This includes organizing museum tours, guest lecture events, heritage tours, and many other activities related to Indonesian culture. Through this year's event, the lecture highlighted how local musicians have become an integral part of modern Indonesian society and how their music can drive positive changes in communities throughout the country. Facilitated by students from the Communications undergraduate program at BINUS INTERNATIONAL, the event featured Ms Lala Karmela, Ms Kartika Jahja, and Mr Ardhito Pramono — contemporary Indonesian musicians — joined the discussion panel as well as provided a live music performance. The three artists hope to illustrate that Indonesian music is regularly highlighting the many social issues the country is facing, and that through this medium, artists can build close relationships with their fans and exert their constructive influence. Visitors started come since 6 pm to register and there was refreshments available. The lecture opened at 7 pm by IHS and BINUS representatives. FB, Twitter, IG: @Evening Lectures (EveningLectures), @BinusGlobal (BinusGlobal), @ErasmusHuis_Jakarta (Erasmus Huis)"
Soongsil University

Soongsil University made national liberalization its top priority and took the lead in the national independence movement. In 1938, the school even decided to close down in protest against forced worship at Japanese shrines. Even throughout Korea's tumultuous history, Soongsil has always striven to be the first.

Soongsil's foundation is its students. They are its life and every employee is there to facilitate this development. Educational curriculum is based on current business practices and students' needs and satisfaction. Our main goal is to produce global talents and well respected leaders, who can understand and participate in the growing global community. Soongsil is a gateway to the world and upon completing their education students not only leave with a degree but also with a lifelong personal and professional network.

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